Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hello black and white. I've missed you. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Take a HAPPY break

Behind the promotional series "Take a happy break!"
Many people over the past few years have told me "I feel so happy when I visit your website. It makes me feel good." Immediately I thought how nice that I can give them a little 'happy break' in their crazy day. I was in the advertising world for a decade—sitting in an office all day and a lot of nights and even on weekends. Sitting in meetings after meetings. It's tough! Really tough! It's one crazy day after another with so few breaks. I get it. So the "Take a HAPPY break." series began last year. 
Take a HAPPY break. Blow bubbles.
Firstly, I mailed out and hand-delivered bubbles to approximately 50 specific creatives in and around Boston and NYC. The bubbles were to promote a new gallery of bubbles imagery I had recently shot. Click here to view this work:
Take a HAPPY break. Plant something.
Then came the tomato seedlings which was to draw attention to my new video series "Gardening Tips from a 3 Year Old." I grew these seedlings in my cellar with the help of my 3 year old son, the star of the videos and then delivered them around Boston. And sometimes I had him deliver them with me -- up the cute factor. Click here to view this series:
Take a HAPPY break. Eat something sweet.
And then, a couple months ago, I hand-delivered crates of Cuties clementines to very specific creatives and agencies to promote my new photography and tv spots for Cuties clementines. To view the tv spots, follow this link:   
And it's still on. I've got a couple more "happy breaks" to share. Watch your desk. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

NEW WORK: Play Ball!

New work in the September issue of Family Fun magazine. And yes - yes this shoot was as fun as it looks! With the wonderful Robin Reilly and Kathleen Schiffmann of Anchor Artists and models from Dynasty and Models Club Inc.  

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