Monday, June 29, 2009

Pear Tree

I love our old pear tree. She's barely standing but produces the most delicious fruit. We actually get to eat some if I put our dog under the tree to scare off the squirrels. He's a greyhound and the squirrels aren't stupid.


The deal with the new site: my flash guy is practically done with it. We're working out the little bugs this week. Then I need to plop my photos into the four portfolios (books) and the four series (nurture/namaste/pura vida/petal&leaf) and by "plop" I mean spending hours and hours critiquing and changing the placement of each and every photo at least ten times. After that's done, I'll work on the archive section which will be separated into ten categories (babies/children/families etc.). The archive section will be full of outtakes and older work available for stock/purchasing.

The site has taken a lot longer than expected. I may not miss the four walls and endless meetings when I was an Art Director but I sorely miss my traffic managers. I appreciate them more now than then. Sorry guys!

Dog Towel

I've got a list of things to shoot. One thing I'd love to get is a shot of my son wrapped up in his dog towel which he loves. He starts barking and panting when he's in it. I got these shots over the weekend but they aren't nearly good enough so I'll need to set up something better -- better light, better facial expression etc.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I dug up, I don't know, 25 ferns this morning and transplanted them to another space in the garden. They were being "wasted" under mock orange and spirea where I couldn't see them or enjoy them. Ferns, especially up close, are beautiful and easily overlooked. Most people are interested in plants that bloom or have a fragrance. Two interesting tidbits about ferns: the earliest fern fossils date back 370 million years ago; and there are between 10,000-12,000 types of ferns in the world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I shoot people for the most part. Very rarely do I shoot props and still-lifes unless it's for work. But I could not resist the light on this orchid in my living room. And you can tell I don't usually shoot this sort of thing — I don't do the orchid justice.

Boston's Textures

There are many reasons to love walking around Boston's South End, this is one of them. The textures you find outside schools, underfoot, on every street make this city beautiful to me.
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