Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone

It's very simple—people want a nice photo of their kids for their holiday card and less-fortunate kids need notebooks for school or shoes on their feet. So, I'll be hosting the first annual fundraiser, Two Birds, November 6, 2010, where people bid on a timeslot for a photoshoot and every penny donated goes to a wonderful local organization, Cradles to Crayons.  
More information to follow over the next couple weeks on my facebook page and here on my blog. Posters in the works but in the meantime, please spread the word. Bidding will begin mid-October. 
If you're interested in offering up your time or energy, contact Kim Lowe or Kate Geskos. We're still looking for a space in or around Boston, so if you know of one, please email me. And if you're a professional photographer interested to hosting a similar fundraiser in your city, please contact me asap. My intention is to make this happen every year. [kimATkimloweDOTcom]

Thank you to Molly Cotter, Andy Kling, Kate Geskos, John Curtis and John Kearse for your help!


These may not be the prettiest tomatoes but they're the tastiest. I've got a ton of tomatoes this year—we can't keep up with them. Can you freeze them fresh and make them into a soup later? Maybe I shouldn't plant 2o tomato plants next year? (I hate to admit it but my husband might be right—I might actually be a little crazy when it comes to my garden.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CaSTING for... Legs

I'm searching for some legs — legs that can run, jump, ya' know, legs that can do leggy-kinds of things. I know you're out there. These legs can be attached to a boy or girl, anyone between the ages of 4-8. I need a mixed group of legs so if the legs have siblings or group of friends, that's even better. In total, I need 12 legs so that means I need 6 kids—available for an hour shoot in the early evening between Aug 30rd-Sept 2nd and live in the Boston area. If interested please email me asap at kim@flippygirl.com. And in return, I'll give you some prints of those legs in action. 

FYI your legs will not need to be naked. We'll be shooting at a local, public park where being naked outdoors is frowned upon unless you're a teeny-tiny baby or chubba-wubba baby like my son.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shrivel, Burn, Wack, Wack

So my garden, well, she's taken a beating this summer, just like yours I'm guessing. The high temps and little rain have badly bruised her, even though I'm trying desperately to keep her well. After being away for one week's vacation in July, the hottest week this year in Boston, my garden has been fighting to make a come-back. I returned that week to burned leaves, as if a match were taken to them. And to dahlias just simply gone, totally disappeared, there were no signs a plant was even there to begin with, even the tubers, if you can believe that! 
Then my neighbor's idiot landscaper/hacker decapitated my beautiful morning glory plants that I started from seed in March—what took me five months to grow took him a second to obliterate. I even got them to grow in a part of the yard where nothing grows (and I'm now beginning to understand why that is). Really, what is it about guys and their weedwackers?! I put up labels so he'd know where not to cut and asked him to pull the weeds around the base of these plants. The funny part (if there is one) is that right next to the ten morning glories he butchered, there were weeds left standing. 
Sadly, no pears this year but my raspberries and strawberries were the tastiest ever. I've got tomatoes, squash, and fennel growing strong as I type this. My cukes are bitter. My eggplant's flowers are disappearing overnight. And I've got some random, mystery plant producing fruit I can't identify. My favorite tomato this year? The Garden Peach. Delicious, and pretty—the tomatoes actually resemble peaches. Oh and my carrots didn't take, not sure why but I just sowed lettuce and arugula in their space for fall.   

VEGETABLE GARDEN spring/mid-summer/beginning-august: 

PLaY [iphone]

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So I force my children to do a shoot for their birthdays every year—it's my way of celebrating them. My husband, of course, is my assistant for these shoots. He loooooves that job! Don't believe him when he denies it.  

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