Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Nursery (final touches)

The idea behind the nursery is this: my son's room is on the top floor and our house is on the highest point on our street. When I was pregnant with him, I'd look out his window and see blue sky all around. I then pictured his crib floating outside amid trees arching, hovering, protecting; with birds singing, fluttering, celebrating. So I painted the entire room, top to bottom, in blue to match the sky, pulled specific birds from illustrations by Melissa Sweet, and painted in trees and grass for the birds and other critters to call home. All the birds and their friends have become my son's friends. He says good night and good morning to them every day.

Sign on the door reads "Trees, bugs and little boys growing behind this door. Enter at your own risk."

Potato-stamped leaves; birds cut out and pasted up; trees and grass painted.

A real branch crosses over the window frame. I still need to find or make the curtain that will hang from the branch.

Other details: Smart-alicky Mrs. Robinson stands watch over the changing table, she's always got something snippy to say; grass and birds cover the built-in drawers; a spiderweb is being crafted by a clever spider in the reading corner, etc. (more pics to come later)

This smaller tree is the growth chart and will have bugs, frogs, snakes (anything really) at different heights on the tree when I can find time to paint them in. Then the room will be ready for a photoshoot. I need to finish the reading corner and the growth chart and then find the perfect little boy as my model (think I have that covered though).

To view more photos of the nursery follow this link:
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