Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trending for 2015

So I've read that a trend for 2015 in the photo-advertising industry is that clients are no longer expecting a photographer to capture a single photograph for say, a print ad, but are requiring a photographer to capture a library of imagery. A library is necessary to a client because their advertising needs have changed over the past few years — an image for a print ad may be needed still but along with a Facebook cover shot or post, a blog post, a tweet, an instagram image, a banner, a meme, etc... you get the picture. What's interesting is that — well, I've been shooting libraries for clients for years now. Because I wanted that from my photographers when I worked on Royal Caribbean and John Hancock in my Art Director/Designer years, I guess that's why I've always done that for my clients in my Photographer years. 
I mention this as I just finished organizing a library of photography from a photoshoot with FamilyFun magazine last year. It took me a few months to narrow down 5,000 images to just 75 but take a peek. My team and I worked hard (really hard in 95 degree temps too) to capture a range of shots for the 6+ scenarios in a single day photoshoot: 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheers to 2014!

Each year I shoot and design some sort of 'thank-you' gift for my clients. One year it was a calendar of a baby's naked bum doing different things; the next year were door tags — again of naked kids; last year was a tripod with a picture of one of my son's heads laying on my other son's bum (at least there were clothes involved that year)... you get the picture. But this year I've decided to take the classier route and send a respectable 'thank you' gift. Sad and boring, I know.
   And if you're feeling left out and depressed about not getting my gifts every January, there is a way to remedy that — hire me. Cheers!

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Five years ago today Mother Nature unleashed a devastating earthquake on Haiti. A couple months ago I had the great opportunity to visit with Free the Children and Luke's Lights founder Gisela Voss and document the progress of rebuilding and healing in the deep countryside of Haiti.
   On this one day, I was lucky to arrive (after a 4 hour grueling hike) at Manac just as a well was being completed and fresh, clean water began pouring from the well. The elders in the community wouldn't let the children touch the new water because it was too clean. They thought something was wrong with it. So one Haitian man went to the well and put his head in the water to show it was safe. The children then rushed over with fierce joy to touch the clean water and let it soak into their little hands. It was an unexpected, life-changing event for me.
   Please take a moment today to visit Haiti — to see the beautiful side of this strong country by following this link to kimlowe/#/newwork. 
     To view more imagery alongside my short, personal stories please visit

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