Friday, July 11, 2014

NEW WORK: Messy, messy.

A little peek at some new work in the August issue of Family Fun magazine. I think you can tell from the photos that this was a total blast to shoot! Lots more to come.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One little seed.

We live in Boston and my children go to a Boston public school. We truly love this city so we'd like to live here as long as we can. The schools have not always been great but we're lucky — my children got into (via a lottery) one of Boston's best schools.  
A couple months ago we learned that our little school would need to cut a significant amount of money off the already tight budget. Our amazing little school, undeterred and strong, stood up and began thinking of ways to fundraise and alter the budget to make the school successful still next year. And I decided to do a little fundraiser on the side, too, with my sons. I let them know that we needed to raise some money so they could go on some really fun field trips next year. They were totally game after I said that.  
We put together a small seedling sale — selling plants we started in our basement. My two sons, ages 4 and 6, helped with every step. Their favorite step was the dirt, of course. Even in their pajamas my two little guys would mix compost into the potting soil and then fill every pot for us to sow seeds in. We're talking about hundreds of pots — little ones to start the seeds and then larger ones to transplant those seedlings into. They didn't see it as a chore. They were accomplishing something — something bigger than themselves, so they were excited. 
They helped water and tend to the seedlings for two months. Then they helped advertise and sell our wonderful seedlings. They even decided, on their own, to have a lemonade stand. And we had a kids table where kids could make their own plant tags out of old blinds. 

In total — we raised $500 for our little school. Just the three of us. I didn't even realize what I was teaching them when we started this project a couple months ago, until my 6 year old started making plans for his next fundraiser. 
I'm amazed at what one little seed can do.

NEW WORK: Glen Urquhart School

Lots more to come from this great shoot. Such an amazing school and amazing people to work with! 'Inspiring!' is too small a word to describe this school.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Whale Watchin'

I took my two sons on a whale watch a couple years ago, not knowing that Oliver (age 3 at the time) was legally blind. He could see a foot in front of him and that's about it. Poor little guy couldn't see all the beautiful whales and the feeding frenzy we witnessed that day. But he still pointed and smiled with the rest of us. Since he got his glasses I've been making an effort to show him all the beautiful things he didn't really "see" before -- things we thought he was seeing like the animals at the zoo, rainbows and whales. So Summer 2014 is kicking off with a whale watch! 
HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! Hope you see and do everything you hope to. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ollie's garden!

So you didn't think you had to watch Ollie's 'Gardening Tips' series huh. You might want to rethink that. THIS is the lettuce he grew in his garden. It's twice the size of mine. And yours too probably.

New work.

Lots more to come. Happy June!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hey so I need a yard to shoot in next week. We have this awesome assignment for FamilyFun magazine. We're looking for a nice, suburban yard, with a nice driveway (maybe nice garage doors, that kind of thing) and an uncluttered backyard with flat areas of green grass for playing games. There's another game that needs to be played on the driveway. There's a little money to be made here if you can let us take over your backyard May 15th or 16th. Email me pics or post here asap. Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome Spring!

My two sons and I are going to sell our very own vegetable and flower seedlings in a couple weeks to raise money for their Boston public school. The four year old helped me sow the seeds, throw dirt at the cat, and sing to the seeds and my six year old is in charge of advertising - here's his first poster. 

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