Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trending for 2015

So I've read that a trend for 2015 in the photo-advertising industry is that clients are no longer expecting a photographer to capture a single photograph for say, a print ad, but are requiring a photographer to capture a library of imagery. A library is necessary to a client because their advertising needs have changed over the past few years — an image for a print ad may be needed still but along with a Facebook cover shot or post, a blog post, a tweet, an instagram image, a banner, a meme, etc... you get the picture. What's interesting is that — well, I've been shooting libraries for clients for years now. Because I wanted that from my photographers when I worked on Royal Caribbean and John Hancock in my Art Director/Designer years, I guess that's why I've always done that for my clients in my Photographer years. 
I mention this as I just finished organizing a library of photography from a photoshoot with FamilyFun magazine last year. It took me a few months to narrow down 5,000 images to just 75 but take a peek. My team and I worked hard (really hard in 95 degree temps too) to capture a range of shots for the 6+ scenarios in a single day photoshoot: 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cheers to 2014!

Each year I shoot and design some sort of 'thank-you' gift for my clients. One year it was a calendar of a baby's naked bum doing different things; the next year were door tags — again of naked kids; last year was a tripod with a picture of one of my son's heads laying on my other son's bum (at least there were clothes involved that year)... you get the picture. But this year I've decided to take the classier route and send a respectable 'thank you' gift. Sad and boring, I know.
   And if you're feeling left out and depressed about not getting my gifts every January, there is a way to remedy that — hire me. Cheers!

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Five years ago today Mother Nature unleashed a devastating earthquake on Haiti. A couple months ago I had the great opportunity to visit with Free the Children and Luke's Lights founder Gisela Voss and document the progress of rebuilding and healing in the deep countryside of Haiti.
   On this one day, I was lucky to arrive (after a 4 hour grueling hike) at Manac just as a well was being completed and fresh, clean water began pouring from the well. The elders in the community wouldn't let the children touch the new water because it was too clean. They thought something was wrong with it. So one Haitian man went to the well and put his head in the water to show it was safe. The children then rushed over with fierce joy to touch the clean water and let it soak into their little hands. It was an unexpected, life-changing event for me.
   Please take a moment today to visit Haiti — to see the beautiful side of this strong country by following this link to kimlowe/#/newwork. 
     To view more imagery alongside my short, personal stories please visit

Monday, November 24, 2014


A sneak peek at some new work from Haiti. Putting together videos and a show. Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Six Days in Haiti

I've been here in Haiti for six days. And it feels like a month. I've seen so much. I feel as if my heart, my head and my camera are going to burst. There is so much to capture and I can't move fast enough. There is so much to digest and my heart can't take it. This has been a journey of a lifetime. I don't know how to go home.
It is very difficult to see this kind of poverty. I've seen poverty. I'm lucky to have never lived in poverty. I never realized how lucky though until now. But this is extreme. This poor country has been stripped of so much and not just from the earthquake. And yet it still shines.
Our team traveled an impossible route to a small town of Manac yesterday. I hiked four hours in and four hours out with food and friends and water and hiking shoes and nothing to carry but a camera. And it was difficult, to say the least. There were rocks moving under your feet, mud making you slip, tall grass hitting you in the face and keeping you from seeing the trail that was on the edge of a cliff at times, and the sun was beating you on the head like it's raining rocks on you. 
An entire community of Haitians who barely eat two meals a day, without shoes, without water carried on their backs and on their heads (YES!) all the supplies to build a school in Manac. Think about the metal, the concrete, the wood for shelves, for desks, for chairs along with all the tools to make these buildings. They wanted their children to learn so much that they carried every piece of that school four hours up these mountains. Then they began to build a school, A COMMUNITY, with their own hands. They broke ground. They sang. And a school rose up. There is so much more to this story. This is just a piece. 
I was explaining to a friend how beautiful the light is here in Haiti. Everything glows. 'Luminous' might be the word I'd choose but still it's not a strong enough word. After being here for only six days— having feeling so loved, so welcomed, having children hold my hand and follow me with giant smiles and giggles, having elderly women make me promise to come visit again and kiss me, having families show me their tiny, tiny but beautiful homes with so much pride — I'm convinced that the only reason this country shines so bright is because of the people.

We shot stills and motion — which means we shot a lot. It'll be another journey just editing and digesting this amazing, life-changing experience. 

Please visit Haiti via this link:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Six Days in Haiti

Over the past six years I've been incredibly lucky to work with an amazing woman, the brilliant toy-maker of B. Toys, Gisela Voss. With every B. toy purchase, she made sure portions of that sale go to 'Free the Children.' Her story is emotional and large and inspiring. And she's heading to Haiti to not only see the schools and communities she (and you) have helped grow but she's bringing light. Really. She's delivering solar-powered lights to families without electricity. The word 'amazing' might be too small a word to describe her actually.

And I have the opportunity to travel to Haiti with her and Free the Children. We leave Thursday and will be trekking to six villages in six days. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I've never felt luckier in my life. It's pretty fair to say that I'll be sharing stories and photos here and on my facebook page. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Afternoon

This is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite time of year to shoot. Especially in New England! Unfortunately, I'm staring into a computer screen editing most of this week but at least I'm staring into wonderful faces of happy kids and teenagers. Happy September everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hello black and white. I've missed you. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Take a HAPPY break

Behind the promotional series "Take a happy break!"
Many people over the past few years have told me "I feel so happy when I visit your website. It makes me feel good." Immediately I thought how nice that I can give them a little 'happy break' in their crazy day. I was in the advertising world for a decade—sitting in an office all day and a lot of nights and even on weekends. Sitting in meetings after meetings. It's tough! Really tough! It's one crazy day after another with so few breaks. I get it. So the "Take a HAPPY break." series began last year. 
Take a HAPPY break. Blow bubbles.
Firstly, I mailed out and hand-delivered bubbles to approximately 50 specific creatives in and around Boston and NYC. The bubbles were to promote a new gallery of bubbles imagery I had recently shot. Click here to view this work:
Take a HAPPY break. Plant something.
Then came the tomato seedlings which was to draw attention to my new video series "Gardening Tips from a 3 Year Old." I grew these seedlings in my cellar with the help of my 3 year old son, the star of the videos and then delivered them around Boston. And sometimes I had him deliver them with me -- up the cute factor. Click here to view this series:
Take a HAPPY break. Eat something sweet.
And then, a couple months ago, I hand-delivered crates of Cuties clementines to very specific creatives and agencies to promote my new photography and tv spots for Cuties clementines. To view the tv spots, follow this link:   
And it's still on. I've got a couple more "happy breaks" to share. Watch your desk. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

NEW WORK: Play Ball!

New work in the September issue of Family Fun magazine. And yes - yes this shoot was as fun as it looks! With the wonderful Robin Reilly and Kathleen Schiffmann of Anchor Artists and models from Dynasty and Models Club Inc.  

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