Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's the big idea?

There's really no big idea behind my new promotional series. It's simple: when I shoot kids, I become them. I try to connect with them on their level because that's where the magic shot exists. So with this promotional series I wanted to say that—just without being so corny or literal.
"Dorkus Mallorkus" — the first of three (click on image to enlarge)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Do you remember being twelve years old? I've been shooting a lot of tweens lately and having the time of my life! I enjoy this age more now than when I was twelve.   
I remember my first perm at twelve (sadly). I remember 'Jack and Diane.' And I remember my first kiss. My "boyfriend" kissed me on the train tracks after walking me home from school. Cute right? No! It was a total mess, just bad smoochery all around. I also remember he told his older brother what a terrible kisser I was. His brother told my brother (they were friends—lucky me) and my brother told me. Really? This is what 14 year old boys discuss over cheetos?! I was devastated. 
Somewhere along the road I must have recovered.       

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BeST purchase... Another Cookbook

Flavours by Donna Hay is another favorite cookbook of mine. Made this tomato tart this weekend. Yea, I guess you could say it was tasty—my husband and I ate the entire thing before it even had a chance to reach the dinner table. Oh, poor tart! The only thing I changed up were the tomatoes—I used Garden Peach heirloom tomatoes from my garden, which actually look and feel similar to a peach. They're beautiful! (bottom photo below)

A Blog to Follow

Love this! Very cool, very creative! Follow this link to maya-made. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Candy Store

My vegetable garden is out of control. I'm like a kid in a candy store—every time I go out to pick veggies and herbs, I come back with buckets full. And it's not just quantity, it's quality. Everything is beyond delicious. I've never had this kind of success with vegetables. On the flip side, I've always been successful growing flowers—not this year. But that'll have to be another blog post entirely.
If you're interested, the only 3 things I did differently from the past few years:
1) laid out a bottom layer of newspaper then a top layer of straw over the entire space after every plant was transplanted in late-spring (this proved to be especially helpful with the heat and little rain this summer) 
2) fertilized one time mid-summer on everything (except the pole beans and carrots) with an all-purpose fertilizer more info here on 
3) used escar-go to keep the slugs and snails from continuing their wild dinner parties in my garden more info here on escar-go

BeST purchase... Farmers Market cookbook

"Fresh from the Farmers Market" cookbook/guide is a must-have in my kitchen. I use it regularly—have had it for years! Plus, great photography by Victoria Pearson.  


I think I was in my mid-twenties when I realized there really was zucchini in zucchini bread. Tried a new recipe this weekend, follow this link. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Perfect Imperfect Moment

I'm a mother, a gardener and a photographer. Not always in that order.
As a mother, I try to grow a happy child. As a gardener, I try to grow the perfect tomato. As a photographer, I try to get both of those in one photograph. 
But sometimes the ideal moment isn't drenched in beautiful late day sunlight or framed in a perfectly trimmed garden with every wilted leaf removed. Sometimes you come around a corner and find the perfect moment sitting in the mess eating freshly picked sungold tomatoes by the handful, even hiding some in pockets to snack on later. 
I'm a mother, a gardener and a photographer. In progress.

My three year old son, below, helping in the garden this past weekend. This makes me deliriously happy, can't help it. I know, I know, I'm not being my usual flippy self with this post huh?!  Follow this link to a great article on gardening with kids. 

Click on images to enlarge.  

1/2 Naked

Now how am I supposed to stay focused on my shoot when there's a 1/2 naked soccer team changing their clothes ten feet away?!! Hmm, young guys, all in great shape... "Yes, excuse me please, can you move your 25 year old butt closer? You're not distracting enough. Thank you." 

I did get a cute shot though — I was able to stay focused on the 1/2 naked 3 year old in his new big-boy undies

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