Thursday, November 18, 2010

TWO BIRDS Fundraiser: the result

It's a sunny day. I'm driving my son to school. We're singing. I'm drumming on the steering wheel. We stop at a red light and over my shoulder I notice a little boy standing at the bus stop with his mother. He's young, probably about four years old. Looking all handsome in his Boston Red Sox jacket. It's a cool jacket. He's not wearing a hat so I notice his beautiful brown hair. I catch him looking up quickly, searching for the bus, before hiding his face again. His hands lost in his pockets. 
As I watch this little boy, I see my son. I don't smile even though it's a beautiful picture — problem is, it's 22 degrees out today. It's January 17th and this little boy is dressed for June 17th. His jacket is not a winter coat. His feet are in sneakers, not winter boots. His head is exposed to the snow falling.         
On that corner, in that tiny second, my relationship with Cradles to Crayons sprung. 
Cradles to Crayons is an amazing kids organization that helps get coats, clothes and more on kids who desperately need them. We recently raised $1580 for C2C with our first annual Two Birds  fundraiser. $1580 ensures 64 kids will make it through a cold New England winter with the proper coats, boots, clothes, books, toys and more. 64! 
What's "TWO BIRDS?"
It's simple—parents want a nice picture of their kids for their holiday card and less-fortunate kids need winter coats and clothes. So parents bid on a timeslot for a professional photoshoot with me and their entire bid gets donated directly to C2C. Two birds, one stone. For more information follow this link.
The amazing TEAM:
The fundraiser may have started as a small hope, a small idea, but it certainly didn't end that way. The studio was filled with an incredible team of stylists and assistants—all of them donating their time. The day was beyond perfect—we moved seamlessly from one shoot to the next. Nine shoots in six hours — that's 13 kids and 16 parents. Whew! The energy was real and the mood was spirited and playful. Each person I've listed below is deserving of the word "Amazing!"   
The producer: Kate Geskos
The assistants: Henry Hung and Meagan Beauchemin
The hair-makeup stylists: Heidi Wells, Coco Grace + Christine Morse
The wardrobe stylists: Christen Mitchell + Tara Peek 
Kid wrangler: Deborah Duffy
The studio space was donated by: Eric Kulin
The lighting equipment was donated by: John Curtis

We were also lucky to have amazing families to photograph!! Here are my favorites — one pic from each of the nine shoots from the day. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BeST purchase... bird feeder

(Yes, I'm blogging about a bird feeder. No, I don't care that you think I'm lame.) 
I've bought more than my share of birdfeeders—spent hundreds of dollars.(No really, I have, it's embarrassing.) But this is my favorite and it's the least expensive, $20, go figure. I bought it from the Mass. Audubon shop at Drumlin Farm. My one year old loves it — he sits in his highchair, next to the window and eats alongside titmice, house finches and chickadees. (I fill it with safflower seed.)  
Follow this link to a similar bird feeder online.

Monday, November 1, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

My 3 year old son has been missing since Halloween. But I've caught glimpses of this guy  flying around my kitchen. 

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